Gongs for the queens of fashion and cycling.
TWO of Britain’s Olympic golden girls, queens of fashion and cycling, re-lived the glorious summer of London 2012 yesterday with the real monarch.Her Majesty, who left her own marvellous Olympic legacy with her James Bond-themed arrival at the opening ceremony, made champion track cyclist Victoria Pendleton a CBE and Team GB kit designer Stella McCartney an OBE.

The glittering Buckingham Palace investiture was especially emotional for Stella, who has stepped from out of the shadow of her Beatles legend father Sir Paul by creating her own highly successful fashion label.

She went to the Palace with husband Alasdhair Willis and their four children, but her late mother Linda was very much on her mind.

Stella, 41, wore a veiled fascinator on which were two brooches, one hers and the other an antique heirloom that belonged to her mother, who died in 1998 from breast cancer.

Her voice wavered as she explained: “It was a gift from my father to my mother – so I feel like my parents are both here with me.”The designer on meeting the Queen, 86, who was wearing a pale coloured dress joked: “I slipped her a card. I promised her a discount.”

Victoria Pendleton, 32, swapped her Lycra cycling outfit for a Philip Treacy hat, a Paul Smith dress, a jacket from Reiss and a cape from Coast.

She revealed about her meeting with the Queen: “I was so worried about what I was going to say but she was lovely. She said, ‘Here’s a medal to add to your collection’.”

Pendleton, who weds sports performance scientist Scott Gardner this summer, ended her career at London 2012 by winning a gold and silver to add to her gold from Beijing 2008.


Louise Roe

cried over Fashion Star job

Louise Roe cried when she found out got the job as host of ‘Fashion Star’.
Louise Roe was so happy to land the role as host of NBC show ‘Fashion Star’ that she burst into tears.
The 31-year-old star was thrilled to land a role on the NBC series alongside mentors Nicole Richie, Jessica Simpson and John Varvatos because it incorporates all of her favourite things.

Speaking at the Simply Stylist Los Angeles fashion panel, Louise told BANG Showbiz: ”When I found out I got the ‘Fashion Star’ job I cried. Nicole, Jessica and John are so nice, they were so welcoming.

”It’s such an exciting show to be a part of and it brings together all of my favourite parts of my career. I love that the clothes are fashionable and affordable and I think that’s something that makes us different from other shows.”

While Louise feels lucky to have landed the ‘Fashion Star’ gig, she admitted to having a tough time at the beginning of her career, in particular when she was sent to interview supermodel Linda Evangelista.

She said: ”Linda Evangelista was terrifying, she was my first interview. It was fun though, she warmed up to me in the end. My advice to anyone starting out is just fake it ’til you make it. It’s like trying to get into a club in LA, act like you belong.”

Louise was joined by fellow panellists Whitney Port, Brad Goreski, Melissa Magsaysay and Jacqueline Rezak at the Simply Stylist event which was hosted by E! News anchor Catt Sadler.



Now this is what you call walking the line.

Zoe Saldana shows us exactly how to rock the exaggerated stripe (and look gorgeous, not goody-goody).

Whether you’re going for a delicate message (think navy Breton stripes across a cotton tank paired with a rolled-sleeve boyfriend blazer) or full throttle striking (like my frothy new lemon and white silk tank dress), stripes are a timeless fashion slam dunk.

And I’m not just talking about the black-and-white bar code combo (although I heart that, too). The product at Vancouver’s most coveted fashion emporiums and pretty boutiques is overflowing with colour-soaked, banded styles just waiting for a walk-in.

So whether it’s a floaty scarf or a Friday night chemise, try incorporating a little stripy style into your spring forward wardrobe.


George Kotsiopoulos #nofilter Challenge: ‘Fashion Police’ Judge Reveals What Happened After He Insulted Cameron Diaz.
These days, our knowledge of celebrities too often originates with paparazzi images and snarky quotes by anonymous “insiders.” After a while, it’s easy to forget that stars are real people. That’s why HuffPost Celebrity decided to launch its all-new #nofilter quick-fire question-and-answer series. Because how well do you know someone until they’ve shared their guiltiest pleasures?

Each week, George Kotsiopoulos dissects the sartorial highs and lows of the Hollywood elite on the popular E! talk show “Fashion Police.” But how much do we really know about the former New York Times Magazine fashion associate who says he “didn’t set out to be a famous person”? The Huffington Post caught up with the 44-year-old to discuss his work on the show. We asked for his opinion on the five best-dressed celebrity women (his answer: Jessica Chastain, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Kerry Washington, Kristen Dunst) and posed a few questions that got him talking about his celebrity run-ins, including the time he said Cameron Diaz had “man arms.”

Is there anything –- or, more specifically, is there anybody -– who’s off-limits on “Fashion Police,” or in your commentary in general?
I mean, off-limits that I’m not going to say anything bad about?

Yeah, or maybe somebody that you’re a little more sensitive toward, or anything like that?
No, no one’s off-limits. I mean, it’s really hard if — no, you know what, because the truth is, if they look bad in something, I can’t sit there and say they look great because they’re my friend. … The problem is, I’ll see someone I know out at an event. And in person, these women look beautiful and they look gorgeous. And I’ll often say, “Oh, you look so beautiful,” and then they might be on the show next week and it just doesn’t photograph well. And it’s like, oh my God, I just told her to her face how gorgeous she is. But you know what? I can always say it didn’t photograph well. It just looks gorgeous in person, but it didn’t photograph well. And the truth is, real women, they don’t care –- they don’t need to be photographed at every angle. I mean, that’s not reality. … With celebrities, it’s a whole other story.


So do you have an example of someone who that’s happened to?
Oh, Kirsten Dunst.

Was it a particular dress, or was it something ongoing that’s been an issue for her?
Well, the thing about her is that she is like a real woman, which I love her for that. She doesn’t care what it photographs like. If she loves something, she’s going to wear it. … I gather that she just loves clothes and she just kind of wears whatever the hell she wants to and she doesn’t care what “Fashion Police” says. And she is a fan of the show; I do know that. But, you know, you gotta love someone for that. That’s what fashion is all about. It’s kind of like: You are dressing for yourself, you’re not dressing for anyone else, so it’s interesting when people get all up in arms because it’s like, really? If you liked it, what does it matter? And it’s a comedy show, for the most part. It’s not Vogue.

So do you ever have guests who come on and they just kind of freeze when it comes time to actually do that?
You know, some do. It’s better if you have a strong opinion on any talk show. If you’re on Leno and you have nothing to say, they’re not going to book you. So I think that, yeah, I’m sure we have. We’ve had people where it’s like, oh, they were really nice, but not that opinionated. And some really surprise you. Jaime Pressly was very opinionated. Laila Ali was super opinionated. Who else? Vanessa Williams has been on there, Kylie Minogue. We’ve had pretty big people. Sarah Silverman was awesome.

Oh, I’m sure. She never has a filter, so I’m sure she’s a good target for that.
Oh yeah, she’s amazing. I think there’s a way to do that without being offensive. It’s like, just look at me. I don’t think that I’m offending anyone. I did offend Cameron Diaz because I said she had man arms.


Oh, did she retaliate to that?
Well, it was weird. I was at the Soho House, and I was at this private party that I just stumbled into with a friend who was, like, Martin Scorsese’s producer. … She was talking to Cameron –- or she was talking to me and then she went to talk to Cameron? — and Cameron’s like, “Is that George over there?” And I’m like, “How the fuck does Cameron Diaz even know who I am?” That’s insane. It was right after the Oscars, and she made a comment about it and I was mortified. Because I just never make comments like that about someone’s physical attributes. To me, it was just funny. It was just me trying to be funny. To me, that was like, I want arms like that. But she was very gracious about it, and you know, love her.

What do you think of Honey Boo Boo?
You know, sad. I think it’s sad. I want to believe they’re in on the joke, but I kind of don’t think they are. I just don’t believe this is a positive role model for anyone, so I just think it’s a bit sad.

Do you have any tattoos?
I do. It’s on the inside of my ankle. It used to be a stupid little yin-yang with a starburst around it that I got when I was 19. And I just hated it, and then I went when I was like 22, and I just wanted a tattoo. If you looked in the dictionary next to “tattoo,” the definition, this would be what it’s based on. It’s a scroll that says “mom.” And I think I was kind of inspired by Bart Simpson at the time because he got a tattoo that says “mom,” but I think it only said “mo” or something. But, you know, I’m not a fan of tattoos, and I just wanted something that was innocuous and literally like a cartoon version of a tattoo, which is what I have.


Would you rather sleep that is way too cold or way too hot?
Cold, as long as I have a down comforter and a cashmere blanket.

If your friend was getting married and you thought it was a mistake, would you say so?
Yes, I would, because I did have a friend who did get married. We knew it was a mistake, and it ended badly. … I’m going to use Kim Kardashian as an example, which is so sad. I just think people get caught up in the moment, and I think everyone knows in the back of their head, “Oh, this isn’t right,” but you just want it so badly to be right. You just kind of keep moving forward and forward and forward, until you realize, “Holy shit, what the hell did I do? I shouldn’t have done this.” But I think you get so far in that you feel like you can’t back out. We see people leaving someone at the altar or that kind of thing on television. I don’t think that kind of thing happens in real life because you’re just too busy thinking how you can’t do this to all of your family and that sort of thing.

Do you ever snoop in your friends’ medicine cabinets/drawers when you’re over?
Absolutely. You wannna look for the good stuff. I don’t know, it’s human nature. I think if I saw anything incriminating, I would just slam it shut. Because there are certain things you just don’t want to know. … But I think ultimately people know for the most part that someone’s going to look in your medicine cabinet. If you’ve got a double-headed dildo in there, then you should put it away. Oh my God, I’m so vulgar today, what is happening?


What movie could you watch over and over?
There are so many! Let’s see. You know what I’ve kind of come to realize is that I’m a huge Drew Barrymore rom-com fan. There are so many of her movies that I love. I love “Never Been Kissed.” When she gets kissed on that pitcher’s mound, I always cry. Always cry. And then I love “50 First Dates” and “Ever After,” the little Cinderella movie that she did. I mean, “Charlie’s Angels,” that’s not really a rom-com, but I guess it kind of just came to me a week ago when I was watching “50 First Dates.”

Your realiziation for your Drew Barrymore love?
Yeah, I was like, I’m a Drew Barrymore fan, oh my God. And then the other ones: I will always watch “Overboard.” If “Overboard” is on, I will watch it. And then “Clueless” is always good to watch, and “Legally Blonde” and “Pretty Woman.” Oh, did I say? I’m a gay man.

Oh, I can’t tell.
I’m either a gay man or a teenage girl. But I love any Hitchcock film. “North by Northwest” was on the other night, and I was like, “Oh my God.” And, umm, what else? I love Doris Day movies. I didn’t get the Judy Garland/showtunes gay gene, but somehow I got the Doris Day gay gene. People think of her as hokey, but I’m kind of a big fan of her big-band stuff from the ‘40s. That’s kind of the Doris Day I like. I’m such a gay.

Who’s your ideal drinking buddy, living or dead?
Oh my god, I don’t know. Who would be my ideal drinking buddy? I guess Marilyn Monroe would probably be a good person. I mean, in her early 30s. Late 20s, early 30s, but beyond that, once it got a little ugly, I’m like, “Noooo.”


New wife

Just as few can dispute Karl Lagerfeld’s role as fashion kingpin – last year, Chanel reported record-breaking sales – his enviable ties to Grace Kelly’s brood, namely Monaco’s royal family, continue. It’s no secret that both Caroline of Hanover (née Monaco) and her 26-year-old daughter Charlotte Casiraghi are keen Chanel clients as well as counting Lagerfeld as a confident. But the designer is also close to Albert of Monaco and his new wife, Charlene.
No doubt, Lagerfeld’s strong links explained why he was called upon to spice up this year’s Bal de la Rose.Traditionally, the Bal de la Rose is a key social event in Monte Carlo. For well-connected locals, it’s an occasion to wear embellished haute couture gowns and blink with priceless baubles, hopefully prised from the safe.
However, this year was particularly special since it marked the 150th anniversary of the Société des Bains de Mer, the company that owns and manages Monaco’s legendary Casino, Opéra and the luxurious Hotel de Paris. Taking this into account, Lagerfeld came up with the ball’s “Belle et Pop” theme, his playful spin on the famous Belle Epoque era and introduced music and imagery from the French “Golden Age” with the latest in rap, hip-hop and soul. As part of the evening’s entertainment, the performer Rita Ora stripped down to a fetching Chanel corset-like costume while Caroline de Maigret wore blue tweed Chanel couture when juggling the role of party DJ.

Naturally, Princess Caroline sported Chanelcouture. Her outfit was an elegant mix of black wool crepe and white satin. Meanwhile, all eyes were on her bombshell daughter. True, Casiraghi’s pale pink couture Chanel dress was a stunning concoction of organza, tulle and feathers. But then so was her decision to appear with her boyfriend Gad Emaleh, the French film star. It was their first official outing and turned the paparazzi wild.


Is television to blame for anti-social behaviour in children?
A recent study has revealed that children who watch more than three hours of television per day are more prone to anti-social behaviour such as lying and cheating.

While some parents strictly regulate the amount of television they allow their children to watch, others take a more laissez-faire approach, believing that it’s not the amount of television you watch that matters but rather the type of upbringing your parents give you.

Should you blame bad parenting for anti-social behaviour or does watching too much television have a damaging effect on our children?

Anne Atkins puts forward the argument that too much telly is bad for kids, and actually affects brain patterns in young children. Meanwhile, journalist Alley Einstein believes that TV has the power to educate youngsters.

This heated debate on This Morning shows both sides of the argument as we try to come to some conclusion about how much television our children should be allowed to watch.


While we wait in eager anticipation for spring to finally arrive, Rylan Clarke showcases a selection of looks to keep us warm and stylish until the hot weather arrives.

The former X Factor star explains: “Let’s Looks at sweaters first because of the cold weather. Today is about layering and how to look cool and still be hot!”

Rylan’s first tip is: “Don’t’ be frightened to get those colours out. Mix it up with a gorgeous fake fur jacket, a bit of bling in the form of a necklace and finish off with some converse shoes. Fake fur is in at the moment and cant go wrong. Make sure you’ve got some denim on underneath it. Blue denim goes well with the pelt and faux leather trousers round it off.”

For men, the singer and style guru has something different in mind. “Try a grey casual hoodie and wear a blazer over it to keep the heat in. This is a young person’s outfit. Stonewashed denims go well with this look.”

One final look for the ladies. “Try a gorgeous leather jacket underneath a white waistcoat. The colours are striking and really set off each other. A nice furry hat will keep you warm as well.”


Why blazers are best.


Never to be confused with its cousin the cropped jacket, the blazer is a versatile fashion staple that provides a quick fix to smarten up even the most casual of looks.

While I was out doing my jog (stagger) around Greenwich Park the other day I turned my mind to constructing a measure for gauging a person’s age by their conversation. Well, you need a distraction when the rain is lashing in your face and your waterproof jacket turns out not to be. Halfway up Maze Hill I concluded that the easiest thing would be to employ a rising scale of pedantry. I think pedantry probably peaks in the late 60s, which means I have got a bit longer to go and a good few years left in which to correct the radio, newspapers, the telly and the young. My favourite fashion thing to be pedantic about this season is the blazer. That’s blazer as opposed to jacket.

In my view a short, cropped jacket is not a blazer. A blazer is a classic simple jacket with a bottom hem somewhere around hip level and not the bum-freezer bellboy jackets I keep seeing labelled as a “cropped blazer”. (Is a cropped blazer even a thing?) Kate Moss wearing YSL Le Smoking in Paris has the length right, even if she has forgotten her skirt.


As is the way with fashion, only a couple of years ago the blazer combo felt as though it was best left to the Bowls Club but I now realise I have been doing it a grave disservice because a blazer provides a quick fix to smarten things up. Go out in a sundress or jeans but take a blazer with you and you can go pretty much anywhere without feeling scruffy. For a few years the cover-up of choice has been the comforting, undemanding cardigan and I have a drawer full of the lovely snugly things, but they can sometimes leave you feeling a little underdressed. A well-fitting tailored blazer, on the other hand, can be taken either way. The main disadvantage in my view is that you can’t roll it up and shove it in your handbag, but for that we have the softer and more relaxed jersey blazer. I like the idea of a knitted blazer although I have yet to find one – we could call it the cardi-blazer and name a new cocktail after it. There are, as it happens, cardigans that sit somewhere between the two but I hope I have demonstrated that these cannot be termed “blazers”.

So, I say embrace the blazer but do bear in mind that on a fuller (for want of a better word) and more mature figure it should have shape, especially if, like me, you find middle age has brought with it a not entirely unwelcome quantity of boobage. If a blazer hangs from the shoulder and lacks construction then make no mistake, you will look like a box. As ever, it’s worth hunting around to find the best-quality fabric and tailoring for your money and in a cut that indicates a woman is wearing it and not a fridge. I like to see pretty lining and if unlined, I like to see that the edges are properly bound.

If this sounds like too much faff try thinking of it as an investment piece and if you choose wisely your blazer will go on for years. Mind you, a couple of years ago I spent a whole £25 on a Zara Basic blazer – 100% blue/white striped cotton, lined and a bit crumpled looking – and I find it’s the thing I reach for most often during spring and summer. With a T-shirt, jeans and pushed up sleeves it looks appealingly masculine but pin a silk flower on the lapel and substitute the tee for a feminine tie-fronted crêpe-de-Chine blouse in palest pink and even with jeans it’s the most girlie grown-up thing ever.


Easter Bonnets On Parade.
The Brits love their hats. But they love their Easter bonnets even more. Perhaps it stems from the fascination with the royals, whose Easter toppers always get front-page attention. Everyone’s already buzzing about what Kate Windsor et al. will be wearing at this weekend’s Easter church services. However, we can bet that the witty, whimsical, and totally outrageous hats on display at designer Fred Butler’s Easter bonnet competition last night aren’t in the running.

London talents like Piers Atkinson (left), Antipodium, Tatty Devine, Margot Bowman, Phoebe English, and Alex Noble, created wares for the event, all of which were judged by a panel that included Love magazine’s Alexander Fury and British Vogue’s Emma Elwick-Bates. Magnificently festooned bonnets (think egg yolks, gingham, and bunny ears) made their way down a runway in the courtyard of London’s Sanderson Hotel. The spectacle was narrated by drag queen Jonny Woo (who donned a giant cherry blossom hat) and Butler manned the DJ decks.

Not surprisingly, milliner Piers Atkinson won the title of “Bonnet Master” with his “Double-Yolker Easter Egg Surprise”—a hat that depicted oversize eggs being hatched by tiny chicks. “I’m a big fan of a bit of insane millinery, and that’s really what this event ended up being about,” said Fury. “There’s always a touch of glamour and humor to Piers’ work—a whimsy combined with something a little provocative and exciting. His bonnets were hilarious. Plus, they’re in that amazing egg-yolk Louis Vuitton yellow that feels very right for spring.” Most importantly, Atkinson’s winning design best embraced the evening’s vibe—the rejuvenation of spring, the Easter spirit, and complete, wacky fun.


Entrepreneur launches charity fashion show.
A young entrepreneur is teaming up with a host of local businesses to stage a glamorous fashion event in aid of St Oswald’s Hospice.

Richard Baker, who runs The City Portal, an online guide to Newcastle, is organising The City Portal Charity Fashion Show, which will take place on Thursday March 28 from 7pm at Newcastle Civic Centre.

The event, in association with LA Taxis, is sponsored by Lotus Newcastle – Silverlink Specialist Cars, and all funds raised will be donated to Gosforth-based St Oswald’s Hospice.

On the night, guests will be treated to a champagne reception and a performance from a top urban dance act before watching a stylish catwalk show featuring several of Newcastle’s finest independent fashion names including Edo Jesmond, Capology, Niche Threads and Tallulah Love.

There will be a wealth of shopping opportunities, a charity raffle, and music from Tup Tup Palace and talented Newcastle singer-songwriter Micky Moran Parker.

Brands such as Victoria Beckham Denim, Ralph Lauren, Pandora, King Apparel and Nicole Farhi will also be showcased throughout the night, and the event will be followed by an official after party at Tup Tup Palace.

Richard Baker, 26, of Jesmond, said: “Since the launch of The City Portal last year, we’ve enjoyed working with a wide range of fashion brands to promote their offers throughout the city, and we wanted to host an event which would bring many of these local contacts together in one place to raise as much money as possible for St Oswald’s Hospice – a charity we greatly admire.

“The fashion show is a perfect opportunity to kick off the Easter Bank Holiday weekend by enjoying a fun-filled, glamorous night out, with plenty of fashion inspiration and shopping opportunities, all in aid of a great cause.”

Emma Noble, fundraiser at St Oswald’s Hospice, said: “We’re thrilled that Richard has chosen to support us with his event – it sounds like it’s going to be a fantastic night! We need to raise £6.5million each year and without the support of our local community, we just couldn’t continue providing our specialist care for North East adults, young people and children.”


Diane Kruger’s Onesie Proves That Adventurous Fashion Works On A Date.
Diane Kruger has the sort of enviable style that seems to come naturally — she can seriously make anything look tasteful (even this and this).

Her latest fashion venture? Attempting to make the ever-tricky onesie work for a date night. While out and about in the West Village of New York City with Joshua Jackson, the blonde wore what appeared to be a short double-breasted jumpsuit (the shorts are wide-legged, but they’re there).

While onesies were ranked the “ultimate dating turn-off” for men in a recent style survey for National Heart Month, we must tip our hats to Ms. Kruger again for managing to pull-off yet another difficult ensemble. Seriously, who else could convince us that winter onesies were a cute, flirty date look?

Our stance is clear: Diane is fashionably victorious again. But what do you think about her latest foray into the polarizing one-piece?


Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Woman Starts Native American Fashion Mag.

Here’s another reason to love good fashion. A 21-year-old woman who grew up on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation has created a new fashion magazine. It’s geared toward Native men and women, and non-Native Americans who want to learn about the culture.

Kelly Holmes says she founded “Native Max” magazine after getting tired of thumbing through issues of “Seventeen” or “Vogue” and not seeing models that looked like her.

The premiere issue cover of “Native Max” features Mariah Watchman, a member of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation in Oregon, who rose to fame following her appearance on “America’s Next Top Model” as the first Native woman to compete.

“Native Max” features interviews with Native artists, musicians, designers and models, as well as sections on health, beauty and sports. The magazine is also expected to tackle heavy issues like domestic violence.

“A lot happens in Indian Country, and we got them covered. News stories and headliners involving Natives. We’ll also pick out personal stories that can make an impact on lives and tell it. We also plan to pick out one troubled issue in Indian Country every quarter publication and raise awareness,” states the magazine’s ‘about’ page.

“There’s really no magazine, a Native-owned and operated, Native-designed magazine. There’s nothing like this magazine out there. The ones that do have stuff focused on younger people, they’re really vulgar and very revealing,” Holmes, who now lives in Denver, told the Associated Press.

The magazine’s nine staff members come from all over North America, including the Navajo Nation in Arizona and the Otomi and Yaqui nations in Mexico, the AP reports. Holmes has invested $1,000 of her own money in the project and is hoping the magazine pays for itself with advertising.

Holmes says the magazine is geared towards both Native men and women and non-Native Americans who want to learn about the culture.


Kate Hudson’s photoshoot nightmare.

Kate Hudson was in excruciating pain during her photoshoot for Ann Taylor.

The actress has been the face of the women’s retailer for four seasons now.

But she was having painful dental issues when it was time to step in front of the lens to shoot her latest campaign.

“I had my first horrible wisdom tooth experience. I was just pulsating at the mouth,” she told People magazine.

Kate managed to pull off a day’s work despite the throbbing pain.

There’s not a hint of a grimace in the ads, inspired by a deco dinner party.

The 33-year-old models Ann Taylor’s holiday range of comfortable knits, combined with animal print separates and leather gloves that give the pieces an edge.

And Kate says it was all worth it to work for the label again – because she really believes in its mission.

“As a brand, the focus is empowering women – and what they stand for philanthropically is just as important as what Lisa [Axelson] as a designer is trying to put forth,” she explained.


Unforgivable Fashion Mistakes
A lot of women are struggling with their weight and they compound the problem with the kind of clothes they wear. These clothes make them look fat because of their heavy layers, fabrics, patterns, or designs.

As a modern fashion forward woman, it is not a sin to have a full shape, but it is unforgiveable to wear styles that do not flatter your body type.

For instance wearing skin tight dress is not good for any women that want to look tall and slim. This is not a ‘fashion’ rule but a fact that if a dress feels tight, if horizontal wrinkles are appearing (especially across the bust, hips, or thighs), or if lumps and bumps are clearly visible, the dress widen the look of the wearer, thus makes the person looks bigger.

It is a big mistake for a short woman to wear a full skirt because of the widening effect it creates. Petite women should avoid skirts that are wider than they are at all costs. These include full circle skirts, gathered skirts (these produce a lot of fullness around the top of the hips), and pleated skirts (pleated skirts with stitched down pleats may be an exception depending on other style factors).

Skinny jeans are not meant for all body types. Just because skinny jeans are available in all sizes doesn’t mean that they are good for everyone. Skinny jeans look good on slim women but are bad on plus size women. Jeans with straight legs are better on short women than skinny jeans.

Patterned pants are great fashion items for an edging modern look but not when they are worn by short women. Short women should not wear any type of pants or jeans that are made from fabric with a pattern, whether it’s plaid, striped, floral, or some other print. Instead they should go for solid colours, preferably a dark solid colour for the slimmest appearance.

But they can wear pinstriped pants as long as the stripes are truly very narrow and the pants hang straight from the hip without distorting the vertical lines of the stripes. A very tiny pattern, such as a subtle check, in a neutral fashion colour is okay because it will read more like a neutral solid hue.

If you are craving for that slim effect, for your own good, avoid cropped pants. Cropped pants make women look wider and particularly emphasis a petite women’s small stature

Heavy layers of fabrics look bad on the plus size women. If you are big, It doesn’t help your appearance to wear a bulky sweater. Sweaters that come with unflattering features, such as a turtleneck, cowl are never an option and the wraparound style that falls below the hips further worsen the case. Any type of bulky or oversized clothing is especially bad for the petite woman because of her already small stature.

You also need to be choosy when shopping for accessories. Shoes with ankle straps, wide belt and choker necklace, etc. are problematic, especially for petite women.

Short women should wear shoes with a heel to give them more height but not ankle-wrap shoes. Wide belts add bulk and a horizontal line across the middle, it is not a good thing for women who are trying to look slimmer. If the wide belt is in a contrasting colour, it widens even more. A better choice for a belt, especially for short women, is a narrow belt in the same colour as the clothing.

Wearing choker necklace shorten your neck. To look slimmer and taller, open up the neck and neckline area.Wearing a top or dress with a V-neckline will achieve the desired results.


Bridal trends: What’s on the horizon?

When it comes to bridal fashion, editor of New Zealand Weddings Magazine Melissa Gardi has her eye on the horizon. Here, she sheds light on the emerging bridal trends set to be revealed at New Zealand Fashion Week.For the past three years, the New Zealand Weddings Magazine Collection has been a public favourite at Fashion Week. With more than 60 looks to appeal to every bride’s taste, as well as pieces for grooms and flower girls, this year’s designs reflect the latest trends both at home and overseas.

Starting the search for a wedding gown is a revelation for most brides, discovering for the first time that there are more than a dozen shades of white. But though the nuances of bridalwear may seem over the top, when you’re paying big bucks for a dress, every little detail counts.

Whether a bride’s budget is in the hundreds or thousands, there’s a savvy way to wed, and it starts with style. Every woman wants to live the fairytale wearing the dress of her dreams, and the stunning designer gowns by Michelle Yvette, John Zimmermann, A La Robe, Sera Lilly, Vinka Design, Anna Schimmel and Alma J that will be on the runway during Fashion Weekend are far from cookie-cutter confections.


Russia wins 4th group title, sweeps Olympic golds.

The Russians stood on the podium, belting out their anthem for the entire arena to hear.

With the way Russia has dominated Olympic rhythmic gymnastics, everybody ought to know it by now.The Russians won their fourth straight Olympic gold medal in the group event Sunday at the London Games, giving them yet another clean sweep of the rhythmic events. Russia has won both rhythmic titles at every Olympics dating to the Sydney Games in 2000.”We just found out about that!” Uliana Donskova exclaimed. “Russian rhythmic gymnastics is the best.”

She won’t get much of an argument about that.

Russia finished with 57 points, a whopping 1.5 points ahead of Belarus. Italy, which had hoped to break Russia’s stranglehold on the Olympic gold after winning the last three world titles, was third after mistakes on both of its routines.”We understand that the Russians are going to be favorites in every event,” Marta Pagnini said. “We understand we are quite close, but, nevertheless, we must work hard.”
The Russians didn’t even bother waiting for the final standings, exchanging hugs and blowing kisses at the camera before the score of Ukraine, the last team to perform, was announced. They waved Russian flags above their head as they exited the arena, and hopped onto the podium as one to receive their gold medals – no easy feat with a handful of gymnasts and a tiny space.
And once the medals were securely around their neck, three of the Russians bent down and kissed the podium, drawing more boisterous cheers from the large group of fans who’d made Wembley Arena sound more like Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow.”We had big support,” Russian lady Donskova said. “It was amazing, so we didn’t feel much pressure.”



Designers to unveil Minnie Mouse inspired apparels at LFW.

This September, Disney will celebrate Minnie Mouse as one of its most beloved and enduring cultural icons. Inspired by her unique and distinctive style, a number of international designers will create ‘Minnie Mouse Must Haves’ one-off garments and accessories, to be unveiled at London Fashion Week (LFW) and auctioned together with eBay, to support the BFC/Bazaar Fashion Arts Foundation.

Many young girls’ first experience of fashion, Minnie Mouse has been an inspirational character since her first appearance as Mickey Mouse’s sweetheart in 1928. Celebrating Minnie Mouse’s timeless appeal, renowned designers including Giles, Michael van der Ham, Richard Nicoll, Piers Atkinson, Bunney, Husam el Odeh in collaboration with Luke Hersheson, Katie Hillier, Lulu Guinness, Tatty Devine and Terry de Havilland will creatively interpret her signature bows and trademark polka dots. An extraordinary collaboration with Meadham Kirchhoff will also be revealed at their Spring/Summer 2013 show.

The ‘Minnie Mouse Must Haves’ will be showcased to international buyers and media at London Fashion Week. In addition, Disney will be working with influential bloggers and beauty brands to further engage audiences with Minnie Mouse’s style appeal.

Following the ‘Inspired by Minnie Mouse’ showcase, each of the ‘Minnie Mouse Must Haves’ will be available at an exclusive auction on the eBay for Charity programme, offering fashion-followers and Disney fans around the world the opportunity to own a unique one-off Minnie Mouse-inspired creation. Proceeds from the auction will be donated by Disney to support the BFC/Bazaar Fashion Arts Foundation, a British Fashion Council initiative to nurture relationships between the creative industries and maintain a reputation for fashion innovation.


“Minnie Mouse and her unique style continue to inspire fans across the world. We’re thrilled to collaborate with such visionaries to create these one-off designs. Surpassing trends, Minnie Mouse’s iconic silhouette, signature bows and polka dots always remain in style which is why she is as relevant today as the day she first appeared on the fashion scene”, commented Marc Low, vice president of Fashion and Home for The Walt Disney Company EMEA. “London Fashion Week is the perfect stage for Disney, one of the world’s largest apparel brands, to put a spotlight on Minnie Mouse.”

The Minnie Mouse Must Have auction forms part of eBay’s Fashion campaign supporting fashion design talent. eBay’s activities also include the recently announced partnership with the British Fashion Council’s Fashion Forward initiative, championing emerging British fashion designers.

Melanie Smallwood, head of eBay Fashion Brands says: “Since 2006 our eBay for Charity programme has raised over £36 million for UK Charities. We’re delighted to be supporting this auction during London Fashion Week in aid of the Fashion Arts Foundation.”

The Walt Disney Company, together with its subsidiaries and affiliates, is a leading diversified international family entertainment and media enterprise with five business segments: media networks, parks and resorts, studio entertainment, consumer products and interactive media.


Designers are dazzling brides the world over with high-shine fabrics and embellishments that pronounce the new season of bridalwear to be one where love rules and optimism prevails. When it comes to the details, encrusted necklines and diamante trims abound, as seen in the newest creations by Kiwi designer Michelle Yvette.
She doesn’t hold back on the high drama, teaming lustrous silks and satins with sparkle to guarantee the bride will shine on her big day.
‘Embellishment with diamantes and crystals is a dominant theme in my collection,” says Yvette of the gowns she’ll showcase as part of the New Zealand Weddings Magazine show. “Too much is never enough. I love how they catch they light, enhancing the silhouette and pleasing the eye.”
Where does this inspiration come from? For Yvette, a trip to Las Vegas was a catalyst. “With all its vibrancy and bright lights, everything in Vegas is overdone – it bedazzles!”
Similarly enthusiastic is John Zimmermann, a designer synonymous with glamorous, sculptural silhouettes. This season he doesn’t fail to disappoint the bride looking for a dress with a difference, defining his grand outlook with a focus on 1930s Hollywood and magnificent, floor-sweeping skirts adorned with heavy beading and embroidery – some of which tip the scales at 10kg. Why would a woman wear something that takes such effort to carry? “It’s all about presence and the theatre of the gown,” explains Zimmerman. “She’ll sparkle like she’s meant to on a special occasion such as this.”

Sometimes it’s the smallest details that make the biggest statements, and the intricate handiwork evident in Anna Schimmel’s gowns includes a maze of embroidery accented with floral crystals. Says Schimmel: “To create a sense of drama I enriched my gowns with textured lace and beading that flows softly up towards the neckline.”

It wouldn’t be a wedding without lace, chiffon and silk, and they’re in full flight in the pieces Schimmel’s sending down the runway. Brides’ imaginations are set free with feather-light fabrics in the form of jackets and wraps bringing a new dimension to her well-structured silhouettes made from satin that shines and even stretches.



In these modern times, it wouldn’t surprise anyone to see a bright hue waltz down the aisle, but the riot of colour seen in recent seasons has been superseded by muted pastel tones. A pale palette is gaining popularity, in washes of blush pink, soft gold and watery green, such as those used by New Zealand Weddings Magazine Collection designer Elizabeth Soljak in her newest creations for A La Robe. The delicate colour transitions of Soljak’s fabrics are achieved through dip-dyeing and heightened by collaborating with Susan Christensen from Orlando Flowers on floral art for the bride who’s not keen on carrying a bouquet.

Drawing a comparison between nature’s shifting shadows and the various stages of the bridal experience, Soljak says, “I wanted to show a change of colour that’s gradual, like how a woman changes from bride-to-be to wife, and to reflect the emotions that go along with that transformation.”

Another trend involves mixing different tones of a single colour. As opposed to embellishing their gowns with accents, designers are washing their entire ensembles in sorbet shades. “Not every bride wants to wear white, but she’ll still want to feel feminine,” says Alma Joung of Alma J Bridal Boutique.

“The secret is to find a colour that suits your skin tone as well as your taste.”

The peachy-pink tulles and chiffons Joung is using may be of the moment, but applied to traditional silhouettes with a 1920s charm, they retain a classic appeal. The fabrics are almost transparent, but layering makes their harmonious colours appear more vivid, and they’re prevented from floating away by cinched satin belts.



From alluring asymmetrical necklines to short skirts, the current silhouettes are both riveting and romantic. Laser-cut fabrics and peep-holes train wedding guests’ eyes to the curve of a bride’s back as she takes her vows. Sera Lilly’s shapely gowns mix modern function with minimalist form, carrying brides smoothly from formalities to festivities. Though lashings of lace up the luxe factor, Lilly’s frocks have wide appeal, especially for free-spirited brides. Her flower girl dresses are youthful but elegant, embellished with feminine frills and pretty prints. “A wedding dress shouldn’t be about risk,” says Sera. “I want brides to revel in wearing something that perfectly suits the spirit of their day.”

Injecting a modern energy into her family business based on the beloved tradition of marriage, Anita Turner-Williams of iconic wedding design house Vinka Design proves there are no limits when it comes to celebrating the female form. Her exaggerated use of draping is nothing if not high-impact, and her collection features ruching, cascading ruffles, diaphanous layers of fabric cut at various lengths and body-conscious shapes. She ventures to the edge without crossing the line. “I design for the bride who’s a sign of the times – busy and strong – who wants to build a dynamic life,” says Turner-Williams. “She’s not afraid to stand out from the crowd – in fact, she relishes in it.”


The TOWIE online girls has been hinting to fans she wanted to change her hair style for while but it seems she’s only just decided to go for it after posting this picture on her Twitter account.

Posting the snap online girls, she asked fans: ‘Do u like me new hair!!!!’

But online girls Maria looked eerily like Girls Aloud star Harding, who dramatically got rid of her blonde locks for brunette trusses earlier this year and is currently in rehab for depression and alcohol addiction, thanks to her chiseled jawline, bright smile and defined eyes.

But it turns out online girls Maria was actually just goofing around and her short new hairstyle is nothing more than a wig.

After seeing the confused reaction form her fans, she wrote back: ‘Hahaha I haven’t really had it cut! It was a wig on a photoshoot Haha x.’

At least the 25-year-old TV star knows if she were to cut off her locks, she’d look like the Girls Aloud stunner.

It seems online girls Maria, who joined TOWIE in the second series of the hit ITV2 show, is far happier this week, having had to battle accusations of entertaining businessmen who offered £600-an-hour at an escorts agency she worked at.

She slammed the gossip as untrue, claiming it made her ‘suicidal’ and now appears to be putting it all behind her.

Meanwhile, on Monday, she joined a host of TOWIE stars sending their well wishes to Essex favourites Samantha and Billie Faiers who were violently attacked in the early hours of Sunday morning.


Girls Aloud on the mend

Sarah Harding is doing “really well”.

The Girls Aloud star entered rehab earlier this month to receive treatment for depression and alcohol addiction and bandmate Kimberley Walsh says she’s responding well.

Kimberley – who is currently playing Princess Fiona in the West End production of ‘Shrek’ – said: “I don’t want to go into detail about Sarah, but she’s doing really well. I hope that soon she will be well enough to come and see me. My contract’s due to end in February.”

While Sarah is yet to go and see Kimberley in action, Cheryl Cole and Nicola Roberts have and Kimberley is hoping Nadine Coyle will follow suit.

She told new! magazine: “Cheryl and Nicola have seen it and they loved it. They texted me earlier to wish me good luck. Nadine will hopefully come and see me, too.”

The 29-year-old beauty also revealed the group – who are currently on a break – are keen to work together again and would love to be the subject of their own musical.

She said: “A musical about Girls Aloud would be brilliant! It would work because it would have songs that are relatable. The girls and I have something planned for next year.”


The craze of getting a hot date has reached such a top that free dating has develop into a serious problem among the young generation. Each one desires to have a hot date to flaunt. But all the time keep in mind that a sizzling girls or a scorching man will only exit with you when you’ve that something additional to flaunt! Free dating is simple in case you are popular in school or in your university. In case you don’t know what we are speaking about then here are just a few suggestions that might allow you to seize that scorching date and be a hit!

There are two methods by which you’ll be able to entice that sizzling girls and interact in some hot dating with her. The first way is to be good at what you do and just remember to are well known. Extra curricular activities like singing, sports activities and so forth give man the ultimate cool look that each lady finds attractive. If you’re cool and well-known attracting a sizzling lady wouldn’t be a problem. Who knows she might secretly wish that you strategy her! When you ask her out you will see that she is more than pleased that you selected her over the other girls. If being that cool man that every woman needs comes naturally to you then hot dating will never be a problem.

Another approach that you may attract a sizzling free dating and engage in hot dating is by treating her like a princess, which doesn’t imply that it’s a must to lower your self price in front of her. Girls like guys who’re helpful, all the time there hen needed and make them really feel special and wanted. They like guys who worth their opinion and provides them respect. If you’re that type of a guy then you’ll be able to simply take pleasure in hot dating with the woman of your choice.

When you find it tough to search out the suitable girls to date then you may always go to hot dating websites where you may chat with sizzling and young ladies and finally date them. Most of those free dating are at no cost but some more common and licensed ones that help you find the appropriate woman to this point do cost some nominal fees. Web free dating is very well-liked for good and unhealthy reasons as if you date on-line, you can meet lots of your sort and you will never spend lonely instances, but since this dating takes place on-line, your date can pretty much disappear if he/she losses interest in you.

It is due to this fact always better to fulfill up in private if you happen to occur to like someone you may have been free dating. Relationships that take place between two folks after they spend real time with one another last longer and will even turn out to be a life long affair. Younger people today think courting is crucial to know a person and see if there’s any likelihood of a relationship within the close to future. If however at first you need to know a person who attracts you then partaking in hot dating is certainly a great idea.


Dating site dispute leaves woman in the hole

Singles dating site cancels events without refunds

A singles dating site has left one Cranston woman in the hole and still single.

Jacqueline LeRoux came across the dating site.

She liked it right away, because it wasn’t a typical dating site.

“Nowadays a lot of people meet on websites for dating site and I was looking for an opportunity to meet other single people,” LeRoux says.

LeRoux found the dating site through Craig’s List and thought it was a perfect match.

LeRoux says, “This was just the one. It gave me a quick link to it and it just looked like the answer.”

She signed up for a one year membership for $89.95.

The dating site offers events from the symphony to sky diving and says the only thing missing is “you.”

Jacqueline says every time she signed up for an event, it was cancelled at the very last minute. She says she even prepaid for a wine tasting and that was cancelled too.

“I did reach out to them a week before they cancelled that particular event and said how disappointed I was that 5 of the events that I had signed up for have been cancelled,” LeRoux says.

She says the company’s excuse was that the ratio of men to women wasn’t enough to make it “interesting.”

LeRoux says, “I thought well why does there have to be a good ration of men to women if the purpose of the club is not to meet for dating site?”

Jacqueline tried contacting the company about a refund over the phone and through email, with no response for weeks.

Call 12 for Action contacted the company, who then said they would refund Jacqueline for the event that she paid for but was cancelled and also agreed to refund half her membership fee.

After 3 weeks, the company still hasn’t refunded her money.

Call 12 for Action has also learned that  has an “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau for cancelling events and not offering refunds.


Do Men and Women Date Differently?

Men. Women. Apples. Oranges. More often than not, the fruit may have more in common than the sexes. But do men and women differ when it comes to dating?


Over the years, I’ve been asked to demystify a host of relationship issues. Why can’t I get a second date? Why doesn’t he or she email me back? Through my therapy practice, I’ve discovered the approaches that men and women take to dating diverge considerably.

Women are typically more quantitative in their dating approach, while more qualitative in other areas of their lives. For example, women often hunt for facts from the get-go and consider the marriage potential of their date as early as the first meeting. What does he do for a living? Will he be a good partner and parent? Does he have good bone structure?

By contrast, men go with their gut. Generally speaking, men don’t attempt to dissect a first date or predict the future: they simply seek someone whose company they enjoy and who they find physically attractive. And, interestingly enough, men don’t mind waiting years to find their match if that’s what it takes. This type of reasoning is atypical for the usual positivist male brain but when it comes to relationships, it works.

The men seem to have it right when it comes to dating. Asking yourself how you feel on a date can be an effective way to indicate if the relationship will last, much more reliable than any set of facts.

Research shows that when two people first meet, examining the first 30 seconds of their interaction is one of the easiest ways to determine their long- term potential as a couple. In 30 seconds, potential partners assess mutual attractiveness, let their pheromones mingle, and glean a sense of the person’s overall demeanour. In 30 seconds they essentially determine, how they feel with each other.

This is echoed in my therapy practice and holds true whether you’re dating as a young professional in your twenties, as a single parent or looking for a second love later in life.

When it comes to finding your match, consider the male approach. When people listen to their instincts, they end up in happier and more honest relationships.

Kimberley Moffit is the Relationship Insider for  Canada and a professional psychotherapist and counsellor.


Kim Kardashian is one of the hottest and most beautiful celebrities and is the desire of men from around the world.

The problem is that Kim Kardashian is now taken .

Her wedding to NBA’s New Jersey Nets star, Kris Humphries on Aug. 20, 2011. was more than headline news, it was an event.

There was huge and ubiquitous media coverage and on full display were photos of Kim Kardashian’s face. This image of an exotic, doe eyed beauty was seared into the minds and loins of millions of men who can only look but not have a Kim Kardashian . has a solution to this problem. It’s Lilliana Cardean from Cali Colombia. She is on our website now and interested in meeting men.
She looks just like Kim Kardashian. She has the tan skin, high cheek bones, the silky long black hair, the full kissable lips and eyes that wrap around her head that will make any man dizzy with desire.

Best of all you do not have to be a millionaire celebrity to talk to her.

You can talk to Lilliana Cardean, the Kim Kardashian look a like for $13. That is the price to obtain one contact information of any member on the free dating site.

“An average and regular guy can get celebrity looks without being a celebrity. What an interesting idea in a world of knockoff designer bags, copycat dresses and mass imitations. Now you can have a knockoff knockout wife. That is in looks only. Personality is a different thing,” says Vania Santos of

“Lilliana Cardean is almost a spitting image of Kim Kardashian but she does not the attitude or the star ego. Lilliana is a beautiful girl but who is sweet, down to earth, approachable and regular. She is a perfect match for someone who likes the Kim Kardashian look that has become a feminine icon in recent times. Lilliana Cardena is available to meet interested men and if it works out, perhaps you can follow in bikini bride Kim Kardashian’s foot steps and holiday in Bora Bora. It will not be Bora Boring,” says Vania Santos. has free dating site for the last 2 year and is one of the world’s most famous and oldest free dating site. It has people from all over the world and the USA but specializes in Latin culture.


Dating comes with rules

A half-instant earlier in what had been an otherwise pleasant and perfectly idle conversation, my friend mentioned, “So, I suppose your kids will be dating soon.”

Time to dad up and face the truth. High school, and Grade 10 in particular, is a period of new frontiers, not the least of which is a social interaction that takes many adults 10 or 62 years to master: The pursuit of, and often the defence from, the affection of other human beings.

Right off the top, let me apologize that I cannot report full details in this dating update for our household. I can’t afford it. The kids and I recently renegotiated our longstanding agreement on specific mentions of them by name in the stupid, dumb newspaper column, which is sooooooo embarrassing. The rate of compensation, originally set at five dollars per reference, has been adjusted to: a car.

Suffice that once again, as a father of triplets, I find myself in complicated circumstances. As a protective dad, my dating concerns are threefold, for:

1) The pretty blond cheerleader, my daughter, the angel who had me at that first gurgle in the hospital delivery room, now an extraordinarily bright girl of many talents whose smile alone can bring a blush to the sun of summer day, the princess of my humble empire, my little doodle-cakes, now – sniff – all grown up;

2) Her brother, and;

3) The other guy, also a brother.

My situation demands a certain degree of political finesse as well. Last week I announced in this space my phoney candidacy for premier of Saskatchewan (which was also soooooo embarrassing, apparently). To give you an idea of how vitally important I consider today’s topic to the safety and well-being of our great province – the safety and well-being, in particular, of our great province’s male high school students, except for two – know that over the weekend I made the extra effort, for me, of engaging in actual research.

I can’t say I disagreed with the website of the organization DADD, Dads Against Daughters Dating (motto: “Shoot the first one. Word will spread”). A more subtle approach is that of standup comic Bill Engvall who, when chatting with suitors while his daughters

get ready for their dates, makes it a point to comment, offhand, that he is not afraid to go back to prison. Syndicated columnist W. Bruce Cameron once wrote a piece, “8 Simple Rules for Dating My Daughter” (“Rule #2: You make her cry, I make you cry”), that met with such universal dad endorsement that it eventually became a long-running ABC sitcom.

Yes, yes, yes. I do realize that my position is a despicable doublestandard, old school in the worst sense, and outrageously sexist. In my defence, let me simply state: I do not care. When it comes to my daughter, I don’t. And that thunderous “Woof-woof-woof” you hear in the background? That “You go, Ron!” from the distant outdoors? That’s the collective hooting and fist-pumping of the roughly 18,000 fathers of high-school daughters across Saskatchewan whose votes I just locked down (the dads’ votes, not the girls’) (few of the girls are of voting age, anyway).

We are, however, reasonable men. If you are a teenage boy ringing our doorbells these days, our advice is to be well-dressed, neatly groomed, polite as all get out, and fully prepared to discuss reform of resource revenue-sharing. Because if you are not a member of a political party’s youth wing on nothing more than official campaign business, you are in a very precarious spot. If you show up shaggy, in a leather jacket and pants, tattoos stretching down your face and arms, it had better be the evening of Oct. 31, buddy-boy, and don’t expect to leave the premises with anything sweeter than a miniature O Henry.

Simply put, we do not like you. It’s nothing personal. You can address us by “mister” at every turn. Perhaps we coached you in peewee hockey. Maybe our families enjoyed many a summer barbecue together. One of us could well be your godfather. Doesn’t matter.

We don’t like you for one compelling reason: We used to be you.

That’s not to say we’ll never develop a friendship. If the big dating goes well, if you treat our daughter with the utmost respect, and you have her home by curfew, and if, over time, you never falter in the example we’ve set for the love, adoration and protection of our little girl, chances are that one day we will arrive at some mutual admiration.


Dating Expert’s New Report: Three Points Men Must Focus on to Meet Women

Dating expert Carlos Xuma says in his new report that the most important thing men need to do to be considered an ‘Alpha’ — a man who has women all over him and a man to be reckoned with — is to adopt the attitude, thinking and actions that women are most attracted to.

There are concrete traits and characteristics that women find attractive and that matter much more than factors like how much money a man has, how handsome he is and what kind of car he drives, Carlos Xuma says in a recent report on how to attract women.

In a new report, Xuma reveals that when men first start dating, everything they do and say either generates attraction or diminishes the woman’s interest. He outlines three points men must focus on if they want to be successful in attracting women.

Here’s the first tip Xuma shares in his report on how to get women: there is no logic to what attracts one person to another.

“It is ingrained in a person by socialization and genetics,” he explains. “However, men can increase a woman’s attraction to them. Men can actually generate that chemistry, which is a physical and emotional draw and connection.”

And men don’t have to be naturally good looking to do it, Xuma says.

“Although looks may spark that first interest, really attractive men have to actually work harder because women have a guard up against men they perceive as “players.” Good-looking men have to jump more hurdles to establish trust. An average looking man can gain trust a little easier by sneaking in under the radar, so to speak.”

In his new report revealing how to attract women, Xuma also teaches men that one simple factor and adopting one simple attitude can spark attraction.

“In my opinion there is one factor, one behavior that men can emulate and learn that will increase or generate a woman’s attraction to them,” he says. “That behavior is when men show a woman that they are not intimidated by anyone else, including her.”

Men need to remember that what matters the most when they want to meet women is how much attraction women feel for them. It’s a man’s job to generate that attraction and to generate enough interest. Then it is the man’s job to maintain that attraction and interest for the long run, Xuma says in his new report.

Xuma has spent years teaching hundreds of men flirting tips for guys and has been a dating expert and attraction adviser for more than 10 years. He has appeared on ABC and CBS television, as well as Playboy radio. He’s the author of The Bad Boy Formula, Secrets of the Alpha Male, the Girlfriend Training Program, and numerous other books and articles. He has also been recognized for his work sharing dating advice for guys and helps them learn how to meet women.


Enter into a relationship hot girl with a married … Should that be expected from them? It is doubtful that he would give up for you and your family will connect with you my life. Although it is another version of development code, the man decided to create a new family and forget about the old ways.Today the romance hot girl with a married are not uncommon, and they agree quite a lot of hot girl. Of course, not all of them cherish the hope of marriage and children, but many still hope. What does it depend Certainly from what a couple wants to get from their relationship initially, it sees them. Relationship with a married man gives life a new experience. They are mysterious and unique, they want to experience again and again. This is a romantic – to hide a favorite of everyone, and keep a secret about you that nobody knew.But what will happen next? Is that the way can last a lifetime? Of course not. And so it is worth considering whether these relationships are needed.Of course, if you’re just not decided to play in a sense … There are husbands who do not want a divorce, but do not live in the family.


To awaken in man a fire, hot girls are encouraged to use not only active physical activities as dancing, hugs, caresses, but also use different smells. You can put a few drops of oil of roses in the area behind the ears or neck area of ​​jasmine hot girls, the man just does not remain indifferent. You can even play the game: tie your chosen one eye and ask them to explore your body, going from the smell the smell, while guessing them.We all belongs to the class of mammals, and so much inherent nature, that some plants are capable of their smell to attract creatures to improve pollination and seed dispersal. People are no exception, so if you fill a bedroom or a fruity floral fragrance, it is possible to bring these partners. For example, you can drip a few drops of oil of rose or citrus in a light bulb (use aromolampoy), and the smell quickly filled the whole room.You can also use the natural scents of flowers. It’s enough to pour into the vase with peonies, jasmine, phlox and other flowers with warm water to strengthen and accelerate the spread of flowering fragrance.You can also buy a special candle with the smell and put them on the perimeter of the room.Hot girls well versed in the beauty and smell!